PBYC is one of the most active clubs in organizing sail powered racing in Ventura/Santa Barbara counties. We maintain a full calendar and individual races are posted under Events and 2024 Racing drop down menu on https://pbyc.org

Amenities available for racers are;

  • PBYC Club and bar are open with extended hours to serve sailors after the race. Hot Chili may be available!
  • Safe Harbor Isla Ventura Marina provides for 1 free docking night for racers, with additional nights at $2 per foot

2024 ASBCYC Sail Racing Calendar 

Month Date Day Yacht Club Race/Event Title
January Sat SBYC Hot Rum Series #1
January 14 Sun SBYC CHRF Spring Series #1
January 20 Sat SBYC Centennial Regatta
January 21 Sun SBYC Centennial Regatta – Reserve Day
January 27 Sat SBYC Hot Rum Series #2
January 27 Sat VYC Beginner Racer Seminar #1
February Sun SBYC CHRF Spring Series #2
February Sun PCYC TGIS Winter Series #1
February 10 Sat SBYC Sweetheart’s Regatta
February 17 Sat PBYC Spring Series #1
February 18 Sun SBYC CHRF Spring Series #3
February 19 Mon PRESIDENTS’ DAY
February 24-25 Sat-Sun CIYC SCYA Midwinters (PHRF, NonSpin, J24)
February 24 Sat SBYC Hot Rum Series #3
February 24-25 Sat-Sun WYC SCYA Midwinters (Small Boats Tera, Laser, CFJ)
March Sat SBSC Opening Day
March Sun PCYC TGIS Winter Series #2
March Sat PBYC Spring Series #2
March 10 Sun VYC Beginner Racer Seminar #2
March 13 Wed SBYC First Wet Wednesday (Mar 13 – Oct 16)
March 16 Sat AYC St. Patrick’s Day Regatta
March 16 Sat SBYC Tower Race #1 (Wilson Series #1 of 6)
March 17 Sun SBYC CHRF Spring Series #4
March 17 Sun WYC Shamrock Regatta (Small Boats)
March 23 Sat PBYC Spring Series #3
March 23-24 Sat-Sun SBYC Chaos Race
March 31 Sun EASTER
April Sat VYC, PBYC,  HIYC, PCYC Opening Days
April Sat SBYC Spring Regatta ( One-Design )
April Sun SBYC Spring Regatta (PHRF)
April Sun AYC, CIYC,  CIWSA CI Boat Parade, Opening Days
April 10 Wed AYC First Wet Wednesday (Apr 10 – Sep 25)

2024 ASBCYC Sail Racing Calendar 

April 10 Wed VYC First Wet Wednesday (Apr 10 – Sep 11)

April 13 Sat AYC Anacapa Anyway (AYC Island Series #1)
April 13 Sun SBYC Opening Day
April 14 Sun VYC Lady Driver
April 20-21 Sat-Sun VSC Opening Day, Smugglers Bash
April 21 Sun SBYC CHRF Hollister Race
April 21 Sun WYC RS Tera High Points Finale
April 26-28 Fri-Sun NOSA Newport to Ensenada (N2E)
April 27 Sat WYC Opening Day
April 28 Sun WYC Commodore’s Cup
April 28 Sun PCYC TGIS Winter #3
April 28 Sun SBYC CHRF Summer Series #1
May 3-5 Fri-Sun SDYC San Diego Yachting Cup
May Sat AYC Anacapa to Port (AYC Island Series #2)
May 4-5 Sat-Sun SBSC Cinco de Mayo Regatta
May 11-12 Sat-Sun PBYC/SBSC Hardway Race (PBYC Island Series #1/ Wilson Series #2 of 6)
May 18-19 Sat-Sun SBYC Santa Barbara Skiff Festival
May 19 Sun SBYC CHRF Summer Series #2
May 19 Sun VYC Commodore’s Classic
May 25-26 Sat-Sun SFYC/MPYC Spinnaker Cup (CA Offshore Race Week, CORW #1 of 3)
May 25-27 Sat-Mon ASBCYC All Club Cruise (Destination TBD)
May 26 Sun SBYC CHRF Memorial Day Race
May 27 Mon VYC Bluewater Series #1
May 27 Mon WYC Memorial Day Regatta (Small Boats)
May 27-28 Mon-Tue EYC/SBYC Coastal Cup (CORW #2 of 3)
May 29 Wed SBYC CORW In-Port Race
May 31 Fri SBYC First Friday Night Kites/Wings #1
May – June 30 – Thu-Sat SBYC/SDYC SoCal 300 (CORW #3 of 3)
June Sat PCYC McCune Race (Cheeseburgers in Paradise)
June Sat SBYC Wilmot Hughes Ladies Race
June 1-2 Sat-Sun Cal YC Cal Race Week
June Sun SBYC CHRF McEachen Memorial Race
June Sat SBYC Summer Regatta (PHRF)
June Sat VYC Governor’s Cup (Random Leg)
June Sun CIYC Disabled Veterans Sail Day
June Sun SBYC Summer Regatta (One-Design)

2024 ASBCYC Sail Racing Calendar 

June 9 Sun WYC Spring Classic (Juniors, Tera, Laser, CFJ) 

June 14 Fri SBYC First Friday Night Kites/Wings #1 – Reserve Day
June 15 Sat SBYC Channel Race (PHRF, Wilson Series #3 of 6)
June 15 Sat VSC Frenchy’s Rum Run (PHRF/Beachcat Series #1)
June 16 Sun FATHER’S DAY
June 16 Sun WYC Westlake Cup Regatta (Small Boats)
June 21-23 Fri-Sun LBYC Long Beach Race Week
June 22 Sat CIYC Wild Bill Rig Race
June 22-23 Sat-Sun SBYC Sir Thomas Lipton Star Regatta
June 28 Fri SBYC Staff Commodore Regatta
June 29 Sat CIWSA/CIYC AdventureSail® Day
June 30 Sun SBYC CHRF Summer Series #3
July Thurs WYC Round the Island/Tera Main Channel Regattas (Small Boats)
July Sun SBSC Double Handed Race
July Sun VYC Bluewater Series #2
July 11-14 Thurs-Sun SBYC Melges 24 US National Championship
July 13-14 Sat-Sun VYC J-Fest Regatta
July 14 Sun WYC Olympic Gold Regatta (Small Boats)
July 20 Sat PBYC/VSC Milt Ingram Trophy Race (PBYC Island Series #2/VSC  Beachcat Series #2)
July 20-21 Sat-Sun SBYC Fiesta Cup (One Design)
July 20-21 Sat-Sun VYC Dog Days Opti Regatta (Juniors)
July 26-27 Fri-Sat SBYC/KHYC 51st Santa Barbara to King Harbor (Wilson Series #4 of 6)
July 27 Sat PCYC McNish Classic Yacht Race
July 28 Sun SBYC CHRF Summer Series #4
July 28 Sun WYC Peg Hansen Regatta (Small Boats)
August Fri SBYC Friday Night Kites / Wings #3
August Sat SBSC Triple-Handed Race
August 3-4 Sat-Sun VYC Ventura Cup Regatta
August Sun SBYC CHRF Full Monty (Goleta Up & Back)
August 9-11 Fri-Sun SBYC Coronado 15 US National Championship
August 10 Sat PBYC/VSC Tri Point Ocean Race (PBYC Island Series #3/ VSC Beachcat  Series #3)
August 11 Sun SBYC CHRF Fall Series #1
August 17 Sat CIYC Forefathers: Bob Cooke & Neil Underwood Memorial
August 17-18 Sat-Sun SBYC Fulmor Race to Pelican Bay (Wilson Series #5 of 6)
August 18 Sun WYC Alice Robinson Regatta (Small Boats)
August 24 Sat AYC Wes Golemon Memorial (AYC Island Series #3)

2024 ASBCYC Sail Racing Calendar 

August 31 Sat AYC Santa Barbara City Race (CI to SB) 

August 31 Sat SBSC Goleta Beach Race & Picnic (PHRF/CHRF)
September Sun SBYC CHRF Labor Day
September Mon LABOR DAY
September Mon AYC Tequila Derby (SB to CI)
September Mon VYC Bluewater Series #3
September Fri SBYC Friday Night Kites/Wings #4
September Sat CIYC John Larson Memorial Race
September Sat SBYC Charity Regatta
September 7-8 Sat-Sun VSC Prison Break
September Sun SBSC Bugay Singlehanded Race
September Sun WYC Frank Butler Regatta (Small Boats)
September 11 Wed VYC Last Wet Wednesday (Apr 10 – Sep 11)
September 14 Sat PCYC VCORC
September 14 Sat SBYC Shalhoob Women’s Invitational & Women’s Skipper Champs
September 15 Sun WYC Blue Gavel Regatta (Small Boats)
September 20-22 Fri-Sun CIYC/DRYC Channel Islands to Marina Del Rey (CI2MdR) Race
September 25 Wed AYC Last Wet Wednesday (Apr 10 – Sep 25)
September 29 Sun PCYC TGIS Fall Series #1
September 29 Sun SBYC CHRF Lady at the Helm
October Sat AYC/PBYC Two Harbors Fall Series #1
October Sat SBYC Fall Regatta (One-Design)
October Sun SBYC Fall Regatta (PHRF)
October Sun WYC Fall Classic Regatta (Tera High Points)
October 12 Sat SBYC Tower Race #2 (Wilson Series #6 of 6)
October 12 Sat VYC Fall Regatta
October 13 Sun SBYC CHRF Fall Series #2
October 16 Wed SBYC Last Wet Wednesday (Mar 13 – Oct 16)
October 19-20 Sat-Sun SBYC Goblin Optimist Regatta
October 20 Sun All Clubs Sailathon – Fundraiser for Caregivers
October 20 Sun WYC Trick or Treat Regatta (Small Boats)
October 26 Sat PBYC/AYC Two Harbors Fall Series #2
October 26-27 Sat-Sun SBSC Goblin Regatta (PHRF, J24, Harbor 20, Lido14, etc)
November Sat CIYC/CIWSA Lady at the Helm
November Sun SBYC CHRF Fall #3
November Sat AYC/PBYC Two Harbors Fall Series #3
November Sat SBYC Double/Short Handed Regatta

2024 ASBCYC Sail Racing Calendar 

November 9-10 Sat-Sun VYC Opti Regatta (Juniors)

November 10 Sun WYC Turkey Day Regatta (Small Boats)
November 17 Sun PCYC TGIS Fall Series #2
November 17 Sun SBYC CHRF Fall Series #4
November 23-24 Sat-Sun(Reserve Days, if needed)
November 28 Thu THANKSGIVING
November 30 Sat VSC Wild Turkey Classic Plastic (pre-2004)
December Sun SBYC CHRF Holiday Classic
December Sat Channel Islands Harbor Parade of Lights
December 7-8 Sat-Sun SBYC Holiday Regatta (PHRF, J24, Melges24, Harbor 20, J70, J105)
December Sun PCYC TGIS Fall Series #3
December Sun WYC Kris Kringle Regatta (Small Boats)
December 13-14 Fri-Sat Ventura Harbor Parade of Lights
December 15 Sun SBYC CHRF Makeup Race
December 25 Wed CHRISTMAS DAY
December 31 Tues NEW YEARS EVE