Welcome to the PBYC Navigation Challenge

As part of our racing heritage and to make things interesting, PBYC offers a prize for the most points generated by a participating crew (weighted). Each crew member can enter their answers only once.

For PBYC Island Series participants: The link to the navigation challenge will be posted here, moments after the start of the race. You must submit your answers after race start and before you cross the finish line.

Click here to enter the PBYC Navigation Challenge – submission for Hardway are now closed, but feel free to try the quiz and send your feedback to pierpontbayyachtclub@gmail.com!

Race Results:

DateName of RaceNavigation Challenge Results
5/11/2024Hardway Race 2024Orange (40), Catnip (35), Akua Kai (20)
7/19/2024Milt Ingram Race 2024Not open for submissions