The Race Committee at PBYC’s end had a great time yesterday watching the progress of those with AIS on 1 big screen and the harbor’s web cam of the entrance on the other big screen.  We thank SBSC’s crack crew for starting the race and the BBQ team on Friday evening. 

Thanks also to PBYC’s finishing crews and the wonderful folks who laid out a groaning spread of food. 

But, most of all, we thank you, the participants for coming.  Twenty registered and 16 started.

The Navigation Challenge will result in an overall prize for the complete set of Island Series Races, so please keep participating. Current Standing: #1. Orange, #2. Catnip, #3. Akua Kai



Dates;  Fri-Sun  April 12-14

Destination :Santa Barbara Harbor

Contact: Andy Fried (818) 427-0871

Monitor channel 16; Working channel 68

EVENTS: Sail up Friday AM and try to get a guest slip.   Sail towards Sterns wharf, approach parallel to west side of wharf until you see harbor entrance. Call harbor master    (805) 564-5531 when you are about ½ hour from arriving to check on slip availability   Afternoon in town, Dinner in Town. Sail back on Sunday.