2020 “Dock”walker Training Friday, May 8 – Oxnard (1:00 pm to 3:45 pm)

Dear Southern California Yacht Clubs Dockwalkers are trained to engage members of the public and the boating community to adopt clean boating practices. Dockwalkers share clean boating information with boaters and distribute educational materials 2020 Boater Kits   Yacht clubs believe that education is critical to successfully operating a clean boating facility and minimizing water quality impacts. Becoming a Dockwalker or read more…

PBYC Event Registration Form

Please be aware that there is an Event Registration form in the Members Only menu. Use it to quickly RSVP to events such as Monthly Dinners, Programs, Cruises and Special Events. Please make good use of it to RSVP for all future events and activities so that our Event Coordinators will no longer have to scroll though emails to keep read more…

Zelle Pay: Bar Tabs/Dues/Dinners/Clothesline/Events…etc

You can pay your PBYC dues, bar tabs, clothesline purchases, dinners and events electronically with Zelle Pay! It transfers money directly from your bank account to PBYC. This is a big advantage over using Square Pay as Zelle does not charge the club service fees. Get more information by selecting Zelle Pay in the Members Only menu.

Social Media: View With or Without an Account

The Social Media page is now located under the Media menu. Live feeds can be accessed with or without having to create an account. Facebook can be accessed without an account by selecting the link, Not Now. Instagram instantly gives access to photos posted by members, guests and renters. Twitter feeds are embedded directly on the Social Media page.