Ahoy Mateys and Happy New Year!




Welcome to PBYC’s 50th Year!

You may recall that I mentioned this in November and asked members to submit ideas for a 50th anniversary logo. So far only Su Countess has submitted an idea for the commemorative logo. Su’s design has most of the features I suggested earlier: the burgee or the outline of the seagull on the burgee, and either “50” or “50 years” or “1972-2022.” You might notice it lacks the club’s name or initials. I think that would be a good addition, to identify the logo for non-members. If you think you can design a better logo, get your pencil or laptop out and get designing! It’s not too late for more submissions. I would like to confirm the design for the logo at the Change of Command Dinner on January 22.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at pbyccommodore@gmail.com

Jeff Olmstead,
PBYC Commodore
Fore ‘n’ Aft Editor