Member Forms

Expense Claim Form [PDF]

  1. Any member who incurs expenses on behalf of the Club shall complete an Expense Claim Form indicating the event, the item(s) purchased, the person/organization to whom the check is to be made, and the amount(s) expended.
  2. Receipts are to be attached in evidence of the expenses. The member shall also record on the form any Club assets that were transferred for the event, such as bar liquor or Clothesline items used for door prizes, trophies etc.
  3. The member shall obtain the signature of a flag officer then present the form to the Treasurer for payment.

Bar Consumables Checklist

Use this checklist to let our Bar Managers know when supplies are needed.
  1. Download the PDF to your desktop and open with Adobe Reader.
  2. Check off or type in item(s) needed and Save the file.
  3. Email/text form to E: Judy Nolde P: (805) 797-6967 & E: Jeff Heath P: (805) 630-1601

Member Request to Reserve Clubhouse

As PBYC members, we enjoy the benefits of using the clubhouse year-round at no additional charge.
  1. Facility information is at CLUB RENTAL.
  2. Check the CALENDAR for available dates and times.
  3. Complete the RESERVATION FORM below to submit your request or ask any questions on use of the clubhouse.
  4. Send the bar manager a BAR CONSUMABLES CHECKLIST to ensure the club is well stocked on the date of your event.
  5. If you need a bartender for your event, complete an INDEPENDENT BAR CONTRACTOR form and submit to the rental coordinator, Sheryl Lunsford.
  6. REMEMBER TO: Notify the assigned Club Host[s] in advance, that an independent bartender will be assigned.
  7. Any questions may be sent to Su Countess or Sheryl Lunsford.
In making this request, I agree to the following conditions:
  • All Club rules apply where applicable.
  • PBYC members are not required to bartend private events.
  • The event shall not deny other Club members access during normal operating hours.
  • All alcoholic beverages must be purchased from the Club bar.
  • I must be in attendance at all times and am responsible for Club security and safety.
  • I  agree cleanup is to be completed within 24 hours of the end of the event.
  • I agree to bear all expenses of the event, damage and cleanup crew, if not repaired or completed within 24 hours.
  • I agree that if I use a caterer or other outside services, they will be hired as independent contractors and will sign a waiver of liability to the Club.


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