Club Hosts

  • PLEASE contact your weekend O.D. if you have any scheduling conflicts or questions.
  • When you are the Club Host, your responsibilities are to unlock the door, turn on the lights and be a friendly face for anyone who stops by.
  • If you need cash box or bar tab instructions, call any Board or Bridge member.
  • You may choose to actually tend bar, or just let it be self serve.
  • Yes, you can invite your friends up as guests that night as long as they wear a name tag.
  • The stereo/radio/iPod sound system works, so bring tunes, if you like.
  • Oh, and please be very sure to CLOSE the shades, TURN OFF the lights and RE-LOCK all the doors.
CHEERS, VICE COMMODORE: E: Sheryl Lunsford P: (805) 231-1799