Club Hosts

  • Your responsibilities as Club Host are to unlock the door, turn on the lights and be a friendly face for anyone who stops by.
  • The weekend O.D. can answer any questions and help with scheduling conflicts if you are unable to switch with another member.
  • You may choose to actually tend bar or let it be self-serve for club members.
  • All guests who are non-club members must wear a handwritten name tag to comply with our liquor license. That includes club members who do not have a PBYC name tag.
  • It is also the hosts’ responsibility to wash barware, clean bar area and especially take out the trash and recyclables.
  • Please be very sure to CLOSE the shades, TURN OFF the lights and RE-LOCK all the doors.

CHEERS, VICE COMMODORE: E: Sheryl Lunsford P: (805) 231-1799

PDF: Club Host Schedule: May-Jun 2019
PDF: Club Host Schedule: Jun-Jul 2019