Caregivers Sailathon: We Won the Ugly Fish Trophy Back!

We won back the Ugly Fish Trophy by having the most boats entered by a yacht club!

Thank you to all the skippers and their crew:

  1. Alan Annis, Solitude
  2. Graham Dawson, Glin De Mar
  3. Kris O’Brien, Escape Velocity
  4. Jeff Olmstead, Powder Milk
  5. JR Rousseve, Good Vibrations II
  6. Scott & Robin Arnold, Twisted Kilt
  7. Su & Richard Countess, Symphony
  8. Lisa & Mike Hopper, Chartered Boat
  9. Bob & Bonnie Neilson, Layla
  10. Joe and Anita Papagni, Chi Chaser
  11. Ken & Patsy Recla, Galene